[Arasaa] ※ Levin · Fitzroy’s first love part four

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Levin Fitzroy sighed exasperatedly, looking at the group of members allocated by the commandment of the academy.

One young noble boy student who tried to escape, was Eugene Royce, the youngest child of the duke, Eugene Royce, knowing the rare genius Muriel Rosway, he plotted the escape.

The problems of the extracurricular lesson is to be matched by cooperating in the group (meal preparation, sampling of herbs, submission of reports, etc.), but with these strong members it’s going to be hard.

Levin crashed into Ricardo that was in a bad mood.

As if he was getting irritated and finding fault everywhere, Levin cautiously extended his hand to Ricardo.

Accepting the challenge it became a violent fight.

After grappling, Ricardo got nervous and smacked his lips leaving, Levin gazed at the back of Ricardo in puzzlement.

It is rare for his mood being bad to this extent.

[What is it], he asked without thinking,

“That is the impulse of puberty, he walk on the broken glass, curse at the teacher, it’s very sensitive age. We can only watch over him warmly.

Eugene came out suddenly. He didn’t mind Ricardo being irritated, but


However Ricardo ignored him completely. It’s quite different from his response to Levin.

For Ricardo, Eugene seems to be classified as a person who better not engage with. I understand his feelings. Eugene was a uselessly positive man to say that the culprit is going through puberty, even if the windowpane of his room was broken and the room was devastated, it is too much.

“By the way Muriel, you could have been exempt from participating in the extracurricular classes. Why are you here, could it be. you, are you going through puberty too?”

Even if Ricardo and Levin make a big brawl, even if Eugene is making noise, Muriel Rosway who was asleep isn’t concerned at all.

Levin has also questioned his participation.

In Ricardo’s class Muriel is known to be an eccentric genius, doing everything with his own pace, but somehow, he voluntary participated in this event.

Eugene will be persistent until he digs out the circumstances, so tired Muriel told the reason for his participation.

Muriel seems to be developing a magic tool to activate it even in the magical non-interference area. Levin who was listening to the conversation for a moment was unintentionally sending a gruesome sight.

Eugene seems to have been the same, even if he could believe it, could such a thing be possible? He was asking further questions.

According to Muriel, the magnetic field in the magical noninterference area is said to have numerous negative factors. Magical power is invalidated due to a positive factor.

However, if the magic tool can hold a positive factor that exceeds the minus value of this magnetic field, the magic tool will be effective even in the magical noninterference area.

Although he understands the principle described, Levin who doesn’t know exactly how to apply it to a magic tool abandoned thinking, concluding that Muriel Rosway is a genius.

Eugene goes around saying [I see,] and [That’s how it is] throwing those words, I bet he doesn’t understand it at all.

“Any man is made helpless in front of a girl, but my charm as a transcendent sex is valid anytime, anytime, that is, Muriel is developing a magic tool like myself, Is that right?”


Muriel gave a positive reply, and lightly shook the chair, looking at the sky.

Eugene moved his interest to Levin and asked about various things.

Eugene is noisy but have no malice, so Levin keeps him company while preparing the dinner.

In the conversation, Levin found out that class of Laurel has been driven to the old facility.

In the extracurricular lesson, lodging facilities are separated by gender, so he hasn’t noticed it till now.

Knowing that flower fairy Tiarella Norfolk was in the old facility, Levin couldn’t find a place for himself.

There is no worry about Laurel.

Laurel is only a daughter of a flower shop owner, she sometimes collects flowers even at night, and he knows that she is used to survival.

But flower fairy is different.

If she will have a discomfort on such a remote island, she may get depressed.

Levin, an adolescent who ceased to worry, jumped out with momentum.

Thinking about going to see her even for a little.

Levin was speeding up and saw someone who was also walking in the forest trail.

Woe! Quickly avoiding with natural reflexes, but the other person was surprised, dropping the light candle and falling on the but.

“Kiyaaa” Raising the high scream, so he understood that it was a woman, but he doesn’t know the circumstances why a girl is walking in the forest at night.

Who on earth is it? While watching carefully and checking with lights, it was Forte Margherita staring at him with fish-angled eyes.

“What on earth are you doing in such a place?”

“What …..”

He can’t say that he worries about the state of Tiarella Norfolk. At the best he would seem to be some strange person to Forte.

It is bad to alert Forte even further, a dear friend of the Flower Fairy.

After appropriately greeting, he asks Forte about the circumstances.

Forte had the same reason as Levin.

“Because she is an idiot, I’ve bought many things I don’t need, such as cards or watering pot, so I thought I’d lend her this.”

Forte had nocturnal flowers.

Luminous flowers are very unusual, they emit a bit of light at night.

They are lovely with a petal similar to marguerite flower.

However, it was a carnivorous plant that betrayed expectation with its appearance and attacked insects that had been attracted by it’s light.

Nocturnal light flower is horrible for insects, but it was a beneficial flower useful in many ways for human beings such as lighting, heating and insect repellent.

Forte seemed to lend the flower to Tiarella. Hearing this Levin wanted to tag along.

“I will go with you,”

And proudly offered to accompany her.

So Forte and Levin were supposed to go to the old facility, but as they got closer, they noticed commotion.

Many soldiers are coming and going in a stark atmosphere.

They took a cooperation to find something, had weapons in their hands, and eventually stepped into the forest.

I don’t know what happened, but this is not good.

It’s not easy to get out during the extracurricular lesson, but it’s even worse if they will see the scene where Levin and Forte are alone in the forest at night.

Forte is a daughter of an higher nobility.

The rumors of man and woman will spread, the worst thing is Forte being labeled as a mild slut.

Levin was worried about the flower fairy but decided to withdraw temporarily, and secretly delivered Forte Margherita to her room.

As the lodgings were noisy, he seemed uneasy, and Levin spent the night without getting any sleep.

In the next morning, before Levin started looking for someone to know the circumstances, Muriel, who had a sleepy face, passed by.

“Hey, Muriel Roseway. Do you know what happened in the old establishment last night? eh… What are you carrying?”

From the start coming to the classes empty handed, somehow Muriel was carrying the box that emitted strange odor.

[Wanna see?] As he asks, Muriel open up the hoop of the box exposing the insides.

“Oh,….. you, this? Why are you carrying the poop …?”

Being startled by the box contents, Muriel turns to leave, muttering [I can’t help it because I’m hungry].

This guy is strange!

Levin walked a few steps and kept a distance from Muriel.

From that day on, Levin has classified Muriel as a mysterious creature.

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  1. Hahahahaha…damn bwahahaha…that was freaking hilarious but srsly…poop? damn. Muriel loves Tia so much he couldn’t even reject the ‘poop like red beans’ 😂😂 and I feel like at this rate Levin and Forte will end up together and gaaaah I really hope I can read Melba’s (Muriel’s) thoughts about the dokidoki first kiss~🙈❣️🤤


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