[Arasaa] Book 4 ch 7

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Returning to the room, I felt relieved, but I noticed that it was not the moment to feel relief.

It is a matter of time for those three people to leak information about Melba.

This remote island is the magical non-interference area, it’s used only during the extracurricular lesson of Luxen academy.

Except for managing staff, you can’t enter this island.

A blunder of intruders on the island occurred during Ricardo’s stay here.

A guardian will try to find out about the fourth intruder.

I casually pecked my face outside of the room, and I felt multiple presences.

Apparently, it seems that security guards are checking the safety around the rooms of my classmates.

Of course, they will also check whether any suspicious people around.

This is very bad!!

Melba is hungry, and he complains that he has an empty stomach, looking at me as if he is in frustration.

“Are you stupid!! It’s not a time to say those things!…… No, it’s actually the right time.”

Demon Melba becomes unable to hide his presence when the stomach is empty.

I seized the room hurriedly to find some food to aid Melba.

“There is no food!”

But I couldn’t find any food.

I left it in front of the cooking chamber to share with Laurel-chan.

“That’s … … certainly in this place … Here it is, Eat it at once!”

The only remaining handmade bean paste (anko)  left for Melba.

Melba that turned away refusing and glancing at it reluctantly.

I admonish that it’s not a case of liking or disliking, but he definitely refuses.

It certainly wasn’t the work of art gourmet bean paste, so I stayed silent.

Actually, in this world, there were no red beans that can be the foundation of Japanese sweets.

However, because there was azuki bean, I tried boiling it down with sugar.

It is still in the prototype stage, but it’s not something you can’t eat.

“Hey,  refusing it at a glance as if it’s something dirty, just try it once it’s tasty (will be If I succeed someday)”

As I open the box elegantly, Melba ignores it.

“See, you can disappear if you eat this.”

“… … (Pui)”

“Oh! Because guards are approaching. Here taste it a little.”

In order to show him that it’s okay, I taste it myself.

What is this, fucking bad! 

However, in order to relieve Melba, I lick it one more time swallowing a big amount.

“Wow! It was awfully delicious … no it’s not! …. Remaining on the tip of the tongue, Oee, a rich aftertaste, and a tangy touch feelings are exciting…”

” ……,”

Even when I speak about the taste, Melba still refused me.

Apparently it looks like a paste, but I understand his feeling of not wanting to eat it.

But now it’s not a situation to refuse.

Knocking sound and a talking voice are getting closer, as if chasing after me.

The security guard was closer to the end of my room.

“I will feel sick!!”

I jogged over Melba with one hand.

I ride on the Melba that rolls on the bed and try to forcibly stack it into his mouth.

But Melba is disgusted and resisting.

Being above him I should have advantage, but in terms of strength, Melba is above.

I try to restrain Melba with full power and feed him, but it’s useless.

While I was fighting him,

“I’m sorry it’s so late, but I’d like you to inspect my room,”

/Ton tong/ knocked the room. There is no further grace.

“It can not be helped!”

It is the last resort!

“Goodbye, my left arm!”

While telling goodbye, I thrust the left arm inside the mouth of Melba that is hidden in the robe.

Melba is the forest monster, and his favorite food is human flesh.

I have never seen Melba eating meat, but once it is put in his mouth, he will be greedy from the instinct.

I am sixteen years old, a juicy body with fat.

“Well, eat it … this is …a … ah!”

After a glance at Melba, my vision became round.

My face hit the chest of Melba who replaced our position and my nose was pressed.

As I groaned, he kept pressing me down so I couldn’t move.

“Hey, Mel..”

“Be silent,”

Heavy, suffocating.

I was put in the robe of Melba, pressed down with both of his arms firmly, and I couldn’t move.

Let me go. While trying to push him away

“my … n,”

My hero gesture of feeding him my own arm was interrupted, my mouth was blocked by something soft.

Blinking from surprise at the strange sensation, I hear the *bang* sound and the door opening, when footsteps walking closer, my body gets stiff.

Oh my gosh, what to do!? I can’t think of any excuse!?

As thoughts was going running around, I felt multiple footsteps nearby.

There is nothing I can do! And I close my eyes tightly.

However, unforeseen developments occurred.

“There is nobody here?”

“This room is of a female student, maybe she has moved to a friend’s room just like all other students, if there is no abnormality I will go to the next.”

In a conversation of those security guards, the sound of the bang and a door closing echoes.


Most of the girls ‘students are unable to endure the appearance of the old facility, they seem to be gathering in friends’ rooms.

Aside from that why did they overlooked us?

Huh? why? I can’t understand, and it fills me with a question mark.

Pushing Melba with both of my hands, and I easily rise my body to check the room.

Relying only on the moonlight, I can’t see much, but I know that no one is here.

Why didn’t they notice? Is their vision poor? Could this be possible?

Although it was good, I don’t understand the reason, but my brows rose suddenly.

I tried to ask Melba in a loud voice, I feel like sneezing, and in a panic, I hold down my mouth.

It’s serious if I make any noise and the guards who are still near would come back.

I endured sneezing, my snot would slip awfully.

The physiological phenomenon does not stop because the room is cold.

“Why are you dressed so lightly, just wear some clothes?”

“No clothes,”

I left the warm clothes in front of the cooking chamber to lend them to Laurel-chan.

Because such an uproar has occurred, Laurel didn’t notice it.

Perhaps the security guards have collected it.

The mass of food and the folded clothes in the cooking chamber are a bit of a mystery.

What the heck is this!? Imagining that the panties being inspected.

It’s OK, the name is not written, it’s a brand-new one, with laces.

I was thinking about the present condition of panties with goose bumps.

When Melba letting out a sigh pulled me closer.

What? I was put in the robe before I could ask anything.


“Because you are stupid, if I don’t take care of you you’ll catch a cold.”

“So rude!!!”

Although I replied quickly to the verbal abuse, inside of the robe was warm and I unconsciously cuddled closer.

“Hmm, even though a demon had a cold appearance, but it’s so warm inside~,”

“Hey you are cold! Don’t place your feet on my stomach, what kind of position are you having?”

He claims, but coldness of the feet is painful.

With an acrobatic position, trying to warm the coldest place I was held by Melba.

Tightly embraced in the position that my face is buried in Melba’s chest, it’s a bit stuffy but warm. I am satisfied with its warmth and stay still.

When I am warm this way, I feel sleepy.

/Faa/ letting out a yawn I rub my eyes, but it’s not time to sleep now.

There are many things I have to ask Melba.

Why was he here, how did he come, why did security guard overlooked us?

First of all, vibrations from the heart were transmitted beating violently and easy to hear.

“You, from before your heart was beating crazy, are you okay?”

According to Professor Mamomari, monsters have no vital signs such as heart.

There is only one way to destroy Melba, that is to starve him to death.

“It’s moving, you know, are you okay?”


I can’t agree being amazed

“Is Melba really a demon? You have a heart, I told you to eat your favorite flash, but you refused.”

Even though Melba is monster when I gave him raw meat he irritates and yells to roast it properly. Looking at him suspiciously, he even resisted it just now, in those circumstances.

” … You were serious?”

“About what?”

“When you tried to feed me your left arm?”

“Of course, se ….”

“What if you lost your left arm, you might be involved in life and death situation by bleeding? Also, if the cause is unknown someone will inquire about it exposing the truth, you’ll become ugly and can’t marry anymore.”

“That would trouble me!”

It is troublesome, but Melba at that time had empty stomach, he was hungry.

If he can’t hide his appearance and his existence had been revealed, it will not be over with one hand.

“I am troubled of losing my left arm, but it’s better than losing you. It can’t be helped.”


“By the way, why guard’s eyes ……were!”

Unexpectedly I was caught in Melba’s arms.

“Hey, wait! It hurts ……”

With pressure, my head was held down, and something soft blocked my mouth.

Breath! At the time I wanted to grasp some oxygen my lips were released, and then again , being blocked I lack oxygen.

I was hurriedly squirming and resisting, but unable to part them.

After a while Melba relaxed his arms and released my mouth, nevertheless it’s not the way to fill his empty stomach.

I said that it was painful, he wanted to kill me!

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