[Arasaa] Book 4 ch 8

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I breathed in glaring at Melba.

“What are you doing suddenly!!”

After gathering enough of air I grab Melba’s collar and shake him violently.

“What is?… it’s just a kiss.”

What is that? A reply came when I ask again,

“As I say, it was a kiss,”

He repeated, but understanding does not reach me.

It was painful, and I was distracted by the arms that pressed painfully with power, but something soft pressed on my mouth.

I remember that feeling and trace my lips unconsciously.

A kiss is one of love expressions that a couple or lovers do.

A kiss = favorite person, meaning flows around my head, and I become dazed.

Wait, Could it be, that he had kissed me!?

“You, You like me!?”

The fact of the shock came to light. But he never showed this behavior before!

Does monsters even have romantic feelings?

Unlike me that turns over around and panicking, Melba goes with his own pace, hmm?

He twisted his neck from a light touch.

“Not really,”.

Finally, he returned a mocking reply. Even though it was a reply he had thought over diligently, still I can’t excuse it, surely there is a meaning.

“Then, why did you kiss me?”

Barely shaking his collar I press the question.

“Because I wanted to do.”

With an uninterested voice he again replies as if mocking me.

With a tone as if he hasn’t done anything bad, vein on my face bulged.

What do you mean [Wanted to!?]

I tried to swiftly kick him, but remembered dangerous talk we had before.

That day I was talking about Laurel and Ricardo’s love scenes hotly.

I was a little flushed explaining as an idiot to him, but Melba had no interest.

He was like this when I talked about every scene, except one.

It was a scene where Eugene-sama teaches dance to Laurel for the party held by King.

Laurel-chan that wanted to repay his kindness asks how to do it, and he replies.

“I want your sweet like ripe cherry lips.”

Eugene-sama kissed Laurel-chan who misstepped and embrace her.

It was a situation that carries a lot of yearning, but Melba absent-minded said.

“Hm, are lip’s something sweet …?”


Muttering to myself, the throbbing aftertaste returned.

It seems that Melba was curious, thinking my lips might be delicious, so scary.

Given the previous misunderstanding of lips having cherry taste, and the state of Melba, who has an empty stomach, it appears that kiss doesn’t have any deep meaning, none at all.

Enduring hunger, with feeling as if just trying out a snack.

Thinking about that, the voltage of anger rises steadily.

Okay, you, come out to the table! I stopped my words.

The table is bad. There is still someone who guard around.

Because I am cold, I don’t want to go out, and the night wind is cold.

Should I slip to the table wearing the robe?

I think about words to scold.

Decided to punch him, but then, thinking about it for a while I couldn’t came up with a word expressing the anger about being robbed of my first kiss.

Rather than a short smack I better go with the long nagging.

I will tell about a longing of the first kiss in this life (it will take till morning) after describing him the tragic first kiss experience with the railroad geek back in my previous life (even if it takes two hours more and it will not end!) Should I appeal about it!?

I thought that I wanted a romantic first kiss, that I couldn’t have in my previous life.

Situations with the sparkling illumination at the back.

Like in the Christmas day, on the top of a narrow Ferris wheel.

Or while locking in the library, hiding with the books.

Kuu!! Good! I yearn for it!

Imagining such a thing, I hit the bed resolutely, cold air is entering, and he got angry.

I agree. I’m sorry to let the warm air escape.

While apologizing and rolling up my body, he re-wrapped me with a robe as I was still cold. With his big hand, as if to warm up my body he rubbed my shoulders, little by little I started to feel sleepy.

However, I can’t sleep until I say a grudge against my first kiss.

I was struggling to deliver complaints against the falling eyelids.

“Huh, wait … ….”

But suddenly I noticed something, the drowsiness I’ve been shaking away disappears in a moment.

I was offended by Melba ruining my first kiss, but if there was no Melba in the first place, was my first kiss would be robbed by that gold-mob in perverted state?

To that fact, I felt cold sweat.

I was strangled and my consciousness was stupid, so I don’t remember clearly, to my suffering and struggling a super deathly perverted mob was very excited.

If he was to go further, it might have been until the first experience, rather than just first kiss.

“… uu,”

Chill ran through my spine as if a dog that wants to shake the water away, I shivered strongly.

It is the worst, it’s too miserable. It’s more awful than in the previous life!

If choosing between gold-mob and Melba, Melba is way better! Absolutely okay!

Voltage of anger sharply declined, and I felt grateful.

Noticing me who suddenly took a praying clasp, Melba being a little disgusted asked.


“No, I thought about a lot of things, and was glad that my first kiss was taken by Melba, also, I forgot to say it, but thank you for saving me and Laurel-chan”

A lot happened and I forgot to express gratitude, I tell him now.

Making [Thank you] stance, I was pulled by the shoulder closer to Melba. What? And when I tilt my neck, there was face as if approaching to overlap my lips, I avoid it in panic.

Shaking my neck I pressed hardly on his chest, Melba showed a kind of frustrating appearance, but then sulked as if it doesn’t have anything to do with him.

If you are hungry, then eat bean paste, pick up the box on the desk, but the disgusted Melba kept away from desk.

In such a way, we had mutual attitudes of refusal, but Melba suddenly asked

“Come to think of it, what happened during the biggest moment of your life?”

He asked something unnecessary.

The line that supporting role Tiarella Norfolk  had to speak in extracurricular lessons. If I was in the real world, it was my first and the last chance to receive hourly rate and extra payment for the transportation fee.

“… I could not say. “

” Why?”

[Why? Even though you have practiced so much?] Criticized me like this.

Even though I myself was motivated, however the bullying Laurel-chan received then, was more severe than I expected. I was so shocked and couldn’t finish my turn.

Sulking in the bed while regretting, when I woke up in the morning, Melba’s presence disappeared.

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  1. Omfg Melba and Tia kissed!!! Like not just once but A LOT!!! Kyaaa~ what a treat!! I hope we can read his POV during this scene. I bet he’s super frustrated at how dense she is~ 💕💕💕💕❤️❤️❤️ Thank you so much for the update!!

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      1. It’s okay!! The story is understandable and the plot is still being delivered. I really think you are doing an awesome job at translating despite the lack of editors. I want to help on some lines but rn is midterms week for me so I can’t 😣


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